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Introducing i-Gem

After 6 great years at my last recruitment company, I needed a change. I had started to wonder if it was the actual job I no longer enjoyed, or if I had just progressed as far as I could in my role. I did something many people dream of; I decided to go it on my own.

Earlier this year I partnered with two other experienced recruiters and set up an independent IT recruitment business, i-Gem Associates.  We source technology professionals with a particular focus on the financial services sector, an exciting industry I know very well.

Since starting i-Gem, I have my ‘mojo’ back, and realise how much I enjoy recruitment and thrive off the buzz. (However, I have to admit that the first day was quite daunting!)


I’ve spent the first couple of months meeting as many clients, candidates and contacts as possible. There has been overwhelming support and lots of people, current and ex-agents, have said they wish they’d done it too. This is a big driver for me; I don’t want to look back in 10 years and rue the missed opportunity.

How am I finding it? So far, I love the challenge. The highs and the lows, when it’s your own business, are certainly more extreme, but both drive me to do better, to keep going, and make i-Gem a success.

It’s a relatively quiet market at the moment, but for those who are proactive there’s always work. It’s just about going out and finding it! I’ve managed to pick up plenty of roles so far and get interviews on the board.

Although we’re not getting carried away at i-Gem just yet, we certainly have big plans. We’ve just made our first hire and have our eyes peeled for talented young professionals who may be keen on a role in recruitment. An office in the City, in addition to our current Twickenham premises, is hopefully not too far away and I can see plenty of work in the pipeline.

It’s exciting times and I look forward to everything the future brings for our business- both the challenges and the success.

Myke Parrott
Director, i-Gem Associates

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